Available programs for scholarship

The RAAD Scholarship Initiative is offering scholarships to bright yet economically disadvantaged students in Academic Programs like; Diploma in Visual Communication Design, Diploma in Fashion design, Diploma in Fine Art, Diploma in Applied Design, Certificate in Graphic Design and Certificate in Tailoring and Fashion Design. All programs are offered at the Royal Academy of Art and Design.

We look forward to:

Professionally cultivate enthusiasm, leadership skills, robust ideas and sense of responsibility among our students. Fostering dynamically innovative approaches to empowering economically disadvantaged youths, to in turn transform local Ugandan communities in all aspects of life, hence contributing positively to the well being of local people and communities by 2020



What we stand for

To create opportunity for the next generation.
To achieve positive social transformation among young Ugandans.
To achieve this, we are therefore looking for such students that are talented yet economically marginalized, who have leadership skills and are committed to giving back to their communities. This therefore means that qualifying students should have leadership skills, be innovative and have a heart to help and transform their local communities.

The Scholarship includes:
● Financial support (full tuition)
● Continued support through our mentorship program
● Opportunities to participate in leadership conferences, community services and internships
● And the privilege of pioneering a ‘yet to grow family’ of the RAAD Scholarship Initiative Alumni
Other opportunities include helping connect or place outstanding students to available jobs or supporting them start their own projects especially if they strongly impact community.


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Community Service

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